Infomercials that focus on kitchen products paint a picture that their product will cut work in the kitchen to make life more enjoyable. These gadgets include small appliances, gadgets, knives, ovens, cookers, salad makers and choppers.

To Good To Be True
Be wary of products that are simply too good to be true: “You’ll never have to mop again.” The infomercial industry thrives on people who think: They said it on TV, so it must be true. Again, as a rule of thumb you should never expect a product will solve more than a few problem and don’t expect it to end the problem without some work on your part.

Special Considerations
Many of the kitchen infomercial products are available in stores. You may have to call around and check a few stores. For example, the Salad Chef by Genius is only available at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Most products come with a guarantee; but only a few come with an unconditional money back guarantee. This means you will have to read the fine print that flashes on the infomercial before you order.

Patents & Big Words
Don’t be amused if the product has a patent. Or if the product was designed/made/manufactured in some exotic location. It really adds no value where it was engineered — the bottom line is does it really work as advertised.

“But Wait There’s More… Bonus Shipping Tricks”
A lot of the kitchen utilities come with extra bonuses. Buyers beware. On some products each bonus may be free; however, you may end up paying separate shipping handling charge on each other item. In the end you may end up paying more for the shipping than the real product.