Nutritional Supplements


Nutritional Supplements
Health supplements have a very high ‘scam’ rate because just about anyone can produce pills with any type of ingredients. In addition, the science is thin with natural herbs and remedies as to their effectiveness for a number of health ailments.

Do not be amused by amazing testimonials. First, they are always atypical results. They are going to advertise the best testimonials they have ever seen. Second, it isn’t uncommon for a company to make up testimonials.

Free Trials to Membership/Shipping
Watch out for nutritional supplements that offer free trial bottles. Sometimes to infomercial/website will not make it totally clear they intend to enroll you in a monthly membership program. They will automatically ship you new bottles each month for a steep fee. Buyers beware.
Also, they may offer bonus bottles. However, these bottles may not be ‘free’ because you have to pay shipping and handling on each bonus bottle.

Experts/Celebrities/Expert Words
You may hear expert testimony of people who have designed or formulated the pills. Be careful, they could get just highly paid actors.

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