Infomercials try to sell us leisure, fun and enjoyment. They target camping, fishing and other outdoor recreation sports fans in many infomercials. They are hoping to ride your passion or hobby by speaking your language. Many infomercials offer wonderful products to complete your hobby; but there are those that do not.

To Good to Be True
Be wary of products that make claims that seem to good to be true. (Products that say you’ll catch a fish every single time — are almost always false). Remember they should be able to help your hobby and make it more enjoyable. Check out forums/discussion groups on your hobby to learn more or see what others have to say before you buy.

Before you buy read the fine print on the TV and verify the guarantee. Is it unconditional? Or what conditions must you complete before you can return it? What is the return policy and will you have to pay for shipping? Find this out before you order to assess your risk.

Often these products will come with a number of bonuses (“But wait there’s more”). These bonuses are designed to be free; however you’ll most likely end up paying a fee for shipping for each bonus. Don’t be afraid to turn down some bonuses.


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