Pain Relief


Pain Relief
As many as 40 million adults live in some sort of pain — and there are countless infomercials that sell products to relieve this pain. The target market of this group are very susceptible to late night infomercials. This is because pain may be the reason they are staying up late. They are often desperate to stop the pain; and are in a mentality whereby claims of a pain-free life is a constant desire.

You may hear testimonials of people who are pain-free. Remember, testimonials are always atypical. In addition, the FTC is warning companies of fake testimonials. This is most likely a big enough problem to where this type of policy is warranted. Take testimonials with a grain of salt.

Experts/Scientific Terms
You may hear scientific terms thrown around these infomercials. Don’t be too impressed. This is because many infomercials know if they use scientific sounding terms, the majority of people watching will accept some scientific basis for the product. This may not be the case. In addition, they may claim an expert testimony. But they can really call anyone an expert.

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