Infomercials about pets are one of the most popular categories. This is because many infomercials try to make an emotional sale. There are strong emotions with the relationship you have with your pet. Of course you want to keep them safe and happy. They will try to argue that if you love your pet, you’ll want this product. Or if you want to keep your pet happy, you’ll need this product. That isn’t the issue. The issue will be: Do you really need this pet product and will it really work.

To Good To Be True
First, you should ask yourself if the claims are too good to be true. If they are, they probably are. The second thing is to ask yourself if you really need the product. If you never take your pet outside, do you really need an outdoor pet product? No.

If the infomercial has made an emotional connection with you and the product; you’ll likely get a relevant upsell. However, these upsells are either costly or cheap. Their line of thinking is they have your credit card number, let’s give them another product they will want and offer it as a deal. You are more likely to take this product at face value because you want the best for your pet and you already gave them your credit card. In addition, you may be ‘eligible’ for special bonus products. If you are, you should ask if there are other shipping charges for the bonuses. In many cases you’ll have to pay extra shipping for each bonus.

Don’t be swayed to heavily by testimonials of people. They will likely show them loving their pet and showing how much they enjoyed it. It is a channel to get you to make an emotional decision. Take testimonials with a grain of salt.