Infomercials try to connect with people in need. For this reason alone there are many self-help infomercials trying to convince you that a certain product will change your life. While it’s unlikely that one simple product will create a monumental change in your life, there are some products that will help you become a better person.
In evaluating self-help infomercials you’ll need to ask yourself three important questions.
  1. What’s their motivation?
  2. Are they really an expert? 
What’s Their Motivation?
As best as you can, try to discover the infomercial’s business motivation. Are they trying to set up themselves as a long-term business? Or are they only a fly-by-night turnkey system? Check reviews and see if they have any other products. If this is their first product, then you are taking a bigger risk. If they have had other products of the same help genre, then you may have a company that is dedicated to making a long-term difference.

Are They Really an Expert?
Try and discover if they are truly experts they proclaim. Look for any associations they are members of; or what kind of credentials the guru has. You may go as far, if it is a single person, checking public records to make sure they have not had any earlier incidents that would reflect negatively on previous companies or business ventures.

Will it really work?
Look at reviews and other products to deduct if their product will have any chance at working. In addition, try to be balanced in evaluating their claims. If it is too good to be true; it probably is.

Depending on how their business model is set up; make sure you get their refund policy in writing before you order any larger purchases (over $100). This ensures you can theoretically get a refund. In addition, get their guarantee in writing before you go ahead.
Also, if you are uncomfortable at any time when you call or on their website do not be afraid to try again another day after you could conduct more research on the person.

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