Finishing Touch Smile Whitening Pen Reviews



  • Visibly brighter in two days
  • Eight shades whiter in two days
  • No pain or discomfort
  • On the go pen design
  • Takes 30 seconds
  • Money back guarantee
  • Portability


  • May be uncomfortable if allergic to peroxide


The 30 second applicator will not hurt your gums, is fast, and easy.  This pen will do its magic.  Just apply and sit back and watch your teeth shine.

Like all teeth whiteners, it is not a miracle product. It takes a few days for it to work. It is also a gel type product that may get a little messy if you are trying to apply it in the car.

From the Infomercial:

The evolution of whitening teeth has finally come to a brand new fast and easy way to do it.  The finishing Touch Smile Whitening pen is not only easy to use but very easy to store.

Features & Benefits:

  • Freshens Breath
  • Stays Active for Hours
  • Use Anywhere Anytime
  • See Results in Just 2 Days
  • Save Money on Costly Dental Procedures
  • Only takes 30 seconds
  • In 2 weeks get your teeth 8 shades whiter
  • Money back guarantee


How Does It Work?

The Finish Touch Smile Whitening Pen formula is designed not only to whiten teeth but in addition freshens your breath.

Does It Really Work?

Yes, this revolutionary pen is designed for all sorts of teeth.  Even if you are not satisfied you have a 30 day money back guarantee.

What Do I Get?

  • 2 Finishing Touch Smile Whitening Pens


  • Don’t over apply, 30 seconds will make your pen last longer and keep your teeth whiter longer.
  • keep one in purse or bag for daytime and the other one in a cabinet for night

Other Reviews Reviews:

Please post a review below about your experience(s) with the Finishing Touch Smile Whitening Pen. Share your experience with others below. Let fellow buyers know whether this product works or is it a scam – use the “Write a Review” form below to send your feedback.


  1. r   •  

    I have ordered the whitening pens numerous times and they really do a great job of brightening and whitening in so little time. When I first started using the pens I noticed a difference in my teeth within one week using them twice a day. After using them for several weeks, I now stay on a maintenance program and use it every other day and it keeps my teeth looking fabulous. I have them professionally cleaned every six months and the pens do the rest to keep them looking their best in between dental visits. Love this product!

  2. Mason   •  

    Ok you can buy this product at Walmart in the as seen on tv selection was this helpful

  3. Mariah   •  

    I got mine at Walmart as well. I just got it 2 days ago and so far so good.

  4. t   •  

    I bought mine from Dollar General….

  5. Arianna   •  

    This product is the same concept of those 30 minute strips, except it’s a pen you rub on your teeth! Why didn’t someone think of this sooner? This product works. Even better is that it’s affordable. I paid $10 at K Mart for it. Wish I bought a few more!

  6. Eva S   •  

    I am an avid smoker, coke and coffee drinker so my teeth get yellow and very dingy. Ive tried banana peels to help whiten my teeth it helped about a half a shade but that was after about 2 months of doing that.I bought my pen at rite aide two days ago and i use it three times a day once after every meal and brushing. My teeth are whiter and shiny. Thanks to this pen i am not afraid to smile and show my teeth. I smile a lot more now people are asking me what i did differently. Thank you for this great product.

  7. Rachel1   •  

    Finishing Touch Smile Pen has brought HUGE smiles to me. I have tried trays, tooth paste, mouthwash you name it and nothing has done the trick like this little stick. I have not tried “teeth whitning today” at the Mall, cant afford that high price. If you are anything like me I was sick and tired of spending my hard earned money on un kept promises. At Walgreens I found this in the as seen on TV was $9.00 and change I could deal with that. When I came home I twirled the stick and applied to my teeth. At first I felt a little tingle to my gum area. Today I did the same thing and could not believe my eyes…YEAH success. I will continue to appy 2 times a day and in the mean time I”ll rush back to Walgreens and grab one or two more to keep on hand.
    Pros….Price and delivers what they claim it will. I am a huge coffee drinker and I smoke.
    Cons…it may tingle the gum area, so DONT apply to your gums…we are all grownups and can tell the difference between teeth and gums, right? Bugs me when people complain about stuff they can stop doing such as putting a protect where it doesnt belong.
    Now other Drug Stores offer their own teeth pens…CVS sorry to say does not work as well as this product. Walgreens has their own pen,,,it works but nothing like this one. I”d use Walgreens if the as seen on tv was not available (in a pinch).
    Hopefully you have the same success as I have. I am very pleased.

  8. Cindy   •  

    I bought this product at Walgreens for $9.99 one week ago. Just started using it and already seen a difference in my teeth. It really works. I am very pleased with the results so far…

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